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Founded by R.E. Vick, FTC Energy, Ltd brings 25-years of Oil and Gas combined industry experience to its clients. FTC Energy is a private energy investment company with extensive experience in both large and small acquisitions. We are an independent family owned company with roots in the Midwest and we understand the importance of land and mineral leases to you – the property owner. FTC Energy has no big banks or shareholders to answer to and we understand that importance of land and or minerals – so we can negotiate the best deal possible for our clients.


R.E. Vick, President

Oil & Gas Executive First Generation Oil & Gas

With over $200MM in negotiated or closed oil and gas transactions in the last 5 years, Mr. Vick has become a young maverick of the industry. As 1st generation oil & gas, he understands the value of hard work and the blue collar mentality of success. With that he has built his career on helping individuals first understand the totality and value of their ownership, then ultimately deciding IF they wish to sell. For he strongly believes mineral transactions should truly be a seller focused process. A high integrity, straight-shooting, leader; Mr. Vick leads FTC's efforts in regards to prospect identification, asset valuation, and acquisitions and divestitures.

Jonathan Vick

Chief Operations Officer

Jonathan Vick is the Chief Operations Officer at FTC where he works to direct the operations of the organization to meet the budget and financial targets. In addition, leading and direct short term and long-term resources planning, and annual operations budget development.  He worked in the Management of Critical care systems and Armed Services support before coming to FTC.

Sara Lewis

Partner: Wall, Bullington, & Cook LLC

Ms. Lewis is a partner in the firm's office, practicing in the areas of civil and commercial litigation. J.D. 2009, Tulane University, New Orleans, La., magna cum laude. B.A. 2006, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., cum laude. Ms. Lewis earned her Juris Doctor degree magna cum laude and her mediation certification at Tulane University Law School where she was a recipient of the Dean's Scholarship, and the CALI award in Negotiable Instruments. While in law school, Ms. Lewis clerked for The Honorable Fredericka Wicker, Louisiana Court of Appeal, 5th Circuit. Ms. Lewis is admitted to practice before all state and federal courts in Louisiana.

Guy E. Wall

Counsel: Wall, Bullington, & Cook LLC

Guy E. Wall, graduated from Tulane University, B.S., 1976 Tulane University, J.D., 1979, is now a partner at Wall, Bullington & Cook, LLC. Guy specializes in oil and gas Litigation, regulation, transactions & title examination, environmental litigation & regulation. Wall, Bullington, & Cook LLC provides counsel to FTC Energy in all areas of Oil and Gas Operations.

Mike Cougevan

Accounting Consultant: Martindale Consultants Inc.

Mike began his Martindale career in 1994 and is a Vice President of the firm. He manages joint venture compliance and provides expert witness and litigation support and been accepted and designated as an expert in numerous State courts and in Federal court. Mike previously worked for Conoco (now ConocoPhillips) for 13 years in various positions, including financial analysis, joint interest accounting, internal reviews, managing non-operated properties, negotiation of agreements, and settlements of joint interest and revenue audits and disputes.


To embrace the value of Oil and Natural Gas for the benefit of land owners and companies alike. By leveraging traditional Oil & Gas knowledge with currently available technologies we are able to streamline and execute all phases involved in mineral and sub surface land ownership.


1. Act with Integrity:

Nothing has more value than our honor.

2. Invest In Relationships:

We believe that enduring relationships create enduring value.

3. Think Unconventionally:

We creatively push the boundaries of what’s possible.

4. Strive For Excellence:

We aim for excellence in our every endeavor.


FTC was started in 2018 by our Founder who has over 5 years of experience in Oil & Gas executive level management . As well as an equally talented and experienced land/geology staff. Accompanied by knowledgable associates, and having worked with many families and individuals we believe our History will be filled with even more success.

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